Exploring New Zealand – Trey Ratcliff

Exploring New Zealand - Trey Ratcliff

Exploring New Zealand – Trey Ratcliff

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15 thoughts on “Exploring New Zealand – Trey Ratcliff

      • Thank goodness, no, I’m not in Texas. I can hardly believe the devastation there – it is awful. It also reminds us a lot of the bombing in Oklahoma City about 20 years ago. Do you remember that? A Federal building was destroyed by a fertilizer bomb in a truck parked outside the building.

        News this week is unreal … horrible floods in the mid-west USA, warnings of big storms coming this evening, Texas explosion, and now … all of Boston suburbs shut down because they are trying to capture (or maybe kill) the Boston marathon bombers. Week. And the more we hear about the Boston bombers the scarier it is. I think Americans are sad and weary this week.

      • Just stay at home and dont let your children too much of outing, times are very bad and thing are turning from worse to worst

        I remember the Oklahoma city bombing years ago

        Please take care and be safe my dear

      • We will be fine. We are so far from all of the dangerous action that we are safe, so don’t worry. :)

        Washington DC would be the closest danger site and that’s 2 hours away. That of course is my biggest worry … not from Chechnya’s bombers or fertilizer factories … I worry about North Korea launching a missile and hitting Washington DC and our home being in the radiation zone. Kim Jung Un is a loose cannon.

        My sister-in-law is still waiting for answers but hopefully will start chemo next week. I hope so. It seems to be taking way too long to start treatment.

        My son and I plan on staying inside this weekend … I am under the weather.

        What a weird week!

        I am touched by your concern. We will be fine. Bless you for your kindness! :)

  1. Thank you for sharing this little piece of NZ with the world. NZ is where I was born and raised, and is a stunningly beautiful country. I am thrilled that you posted this gorgeous photograph. Thank you.

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