Dear Friends

Dear Friends

My health is not good since a long long time and therefore i am almost confined to my home.

Yesterday afternoon I had some severe cardiac problem to add to it all, and so i am advised complete bed rest for a week by the doctors.

I am advised to stay away from my computer too but I am so used to blogging and all your love and support that I will not be able to stay away from blogging so I will try and blog at every chance I get despite strict advice against it.

So please bear with me I will be back as soon as possible and as per my health.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you bestow upon me.

Ajaytao :) :)

A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao


A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

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A Sunny Morning - Ajaytao

A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

Old friends pass away,
new friends appear
It is just like the days
An old day passes,
a new day arrives
The important thing is to
make it meaningful
a meaningful friend
or a meaningful day

Dalai Lama

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