White & Pink Rose – Ajaytao

White & Pink Rose - Ajaytao

White & Pink Rose – Ajaytao

a red butterfly
quivering upon a rose …
ephemeral glow

Keith Simmonds


Grayish yellow sky – Ajaytao

Grayish yellow sky - Ajaytao

Grayish yellow sky – Ajaytao

Nightfall to begin

In the wings darkness awaits

As the sun goes down

Susan Zutautas


Duranta erecta – Golden Duranta – Ajaytao

Duranta erecta - Golden Duranta - Ajaytao

Duranta erecta – Golden Duranta – Ajaytao

I pause -
the heavy air on
wet leaves

Ken Wagner


Colors of early monsoon – Ajaytao

Colors of early monsoon - Ajaytao

Colors of early monsoon – Ajaytao

South Mumbai Sunset – Ajaytao

South Mumbai Sunset - Ajaytao

South Mumbai Sunset – Ajaytao

Sleepy sunset

The sleepy sun sinks
Beneath the gray blanket
Of the restless waves

But the earth doesn’t rest

Shadowed shapes linger by the shore
Watching the glowing “good night”
Silhouettes entwine in the twilight
And drift along the sandy beach

The sun winks
And blinks one last time
Then all fades to black and gray

The murmur of the waves
And the whispers of love
Are all that can be heard

Steven Mossburg


Delonix regia – Lush Green Trees – Ajaytao

Delonix regia - Lush Green Trees - Ajaytao

Delonix regia – Lush Green Trees – Ajaytao

Common name: Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana

Hindi: Gulmohar गुलमोहर

Botanical name: Delonix regia

Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)

Discovered in the early 19th century in its native Madagascar by botanist Wensel Bojer, Gulmohar is a flamboyant tree in flower – some say the world’s most colorful tree. For several weeks in spring and summer it is covered with exuberant clusters of flame-red flowers, 4-5 in across. Even up close the individual flowers are striking: they have four spoon shaped spreading scarlet or orange-red petals about 3 in long, and one upright slightly larger petal (the standard) which is marked with yellow and white. The delicate, fern-like leaves are composed of small individual leaflets, which fold up at the onset of dusk. Gulmohar gets 30-40 ft tall, but its elegant wide-spreading umbrella-like canopy can be wider than its height. Gumohar is naturalized in India and is widely cultivated as a street tree.

Adenium Glow – Ajaytao

Adenium Glow - Ajaytao

Adenium Glow – Ajaytao

Pink flower is beautiful
Always so much of anything
Playfully and never dull
As it is inside spring
Tenderly moments to bring on
To every summer night
Until its blossom is gone
With beautiful pinkish bright

Pink flower is like you
With all your loving touch
So much to make and do
If you are in love so much
Nothing is all like this
On to the blue light dark
With new spring dawn bliss
Shades of the petal spark

Fragrances in the air
Full of new summer high
Touching blossom everywhere
In the hours going by
Just like a love to come
When love touches heart
Flowering passion blossom
Now in these days will start

Peter S. Quinn

A panorama of the city – Ajaytao

A panorama of the city - Ajaytao

A panorama of the city – Ajaytao

Rain Tree Flower – Ajaytao

Rain Tree Flower - Ajaytao

Rain Tree Flower – Ajaytao

Letting go lightly
like bee flying from flower
with nectar for miel

Barbara Cotter


Petunia – Ajaytao

Petunia - Ajaytao

Petunia – Ajaytao

Life awakening
Flower opens in the sun
A world is reborn

Fred Cleaveland


Fishing trawlers at dawn – Ajaytao

Fishing trawlers at dawn - Ajaytao

Fishing trawlers at dawn – Ajaytao

Baba Gopaldasji – 103 yrs – Amarkantak – Ajaytao

Baba Gopaldasji - 103 yrs - Amarkantak

Baba Gopaldasji – 103 yrs – Amarkantak

Aura Gloams

Determination is an inimitable compass;
Standing with the cosset of fortitudes…
Inner suppliants of marrowy strength infuse
aspirant thoughts and elected ideas birthing…

Bowered into the timbre of love’s faith;
From the deep set beliefs intrinsically held by truths;
Sustenance of promise rises under dignified devotions…

Moral fibers weave together essential resonance;
Signifying deliverance to spiritual embracement’s…

…and aura gloams
from the core’s innermost self of trust;
Poised upon the binding outrivals of the souls extolments.
Laconic eyes meet upon their silence;
Speaking aphoristic principles;
Uniting their avowals within spiritual reckoning…

Victoria L. McColley


Cordia Sebestena flower – Ajaytao

Cordia Sebestena flower - Ajaytao

Cordia Sebestena flower – Ajaytao

our friendship is but an orange flower
fragile child of our hearts
bound together
in time and space, endless chase
beyond madness, just a trace
of orange scent
oh, let me descent
in the late hours of the night
and there, out of sight
standing still
in the white morning chill
sweeter than a kiss
tears turning to bliss
i will hold you, protect you
heal you and fill you
orange flower of gratitude
seven years of solitude
an eternity of multiple choices
lost and found
forever bound
so close, yet so far
will it survive, the orange flower
from the first to the very last hour?

Diana Jiganie

Sun glowing – Ajaytao

Sun glowing - Ajaytao

Sun glowing – Ajaytao

A sunset
A drowning
Whom do I save
The sun or you?



A tiny purple flower – Ajaytao

A tiny purple flower - Ajaytao

A tiny purple flower – Ajaytao

Gathering nectar
Bees sing in close harmony
flower to flower

Cynthia Alvez


Exquisite orange flowers – Ajaytao

Exquisite orange flowers - Ajaytao

Exquisite orange flowers – Ajaytao

Tiny and Bright Orange Flower in the Woods

Hark! Don’t forsake me
Search for me
Look down low, in the underbrush
I will be good for you
Though I’ve been given just a
little of our endless world
I have the glowing fire of raging cordilleras
The blazing sunsets of Equatorial skies
The lustrous skin of succulent citrus
I am orange truth

Sergio Silveira

Enticing Orange sunset – Ajaytao

Enticing Orange sunset - Ajaytao

Enticing Orange sunset – Ajaytao

The heavens become
a celestial canvas-
brushed in crimson lights




Clouds in the sky – Ajaytao

Clouds in the sky - Ajaytao

Clouds in the sky – Ajaytao

How can you be so blue
When the sky
Is so blue?

Betim Muco

Tapping food from hand – Ajaytao

Tapping food from hand - Ajaytao

Tapping food from hand – Ajaytao

Cloudy sunset – Ajaytao

Cloudy sunset - Ajaytao

Cloudy sunset – Ajaytao

Painted sky at dusk

Billowing lake of clouds

Swirling hues of pink


Bitsy beauties – Ajaytao

Bitsy beauties - Ajaytao

Bitsy beauties – Ajaytao

the country stile
hedged the wild flower meadow
where I sit awhile

Brian Strand


Exotic Capsicum – 2 – Ajaytao

Exotic Capsicum - 2 - Ajaytao

Exotic Capsicum – 2 – Ajaytao

Rose petals – B & W – Ajaytao

Rose petals - B & W - Ajaytao

Rose petals – B & W – Ajaytao

My life with you there
As beautiful as a rose
In a meadow’s grass

Morgan Fake

Red – Ajaytao

Red - Ajaytao

Red – Ajaytao

beauty in nature
flower blooms so succulant…
hummingbirds flutter

Carol Sunshine Brown

Alluring beauty at dusk – Ajaytao

Alluring beauty at dusk - Ajaytao

Alluring beauty at dusk – Ajaytao

Twilight pink in the forest treetops
Through the leaves
A lullaby whispered on a gentle breeze

Cradling the sunset upon the sea
A blanket of rosy hues

Delicia Powers

Sparkling Water – Ajaytao

Sparkling Water - Ajaytao

Sparkling Water – Ajaytao

In the world there is nothing more
submissive and weak than water
Yet for attacking that which is hard
and strong nothing can surpass it

Lao Tzu


Sunrising amidst clouds – Ajaytao

Sunrising amidst clouds - Ajaytao

Sunrising amidst clouds – Ajaytao

Sitting by myself
Gazing in the water
The breeze blows
Mist trailing behind
The sound of seagulls not far
But in the far horizon
I can see the sun rise
A beautiful way
To start the day

Andrew Castillo

Mumbai skyline from the sea – 2 – Ajaytao

Mumbai skyline from the sea - 2 - Ajaytao

Mumbai skyline from the sea – 2 – Ajaytao

Seagull Wings span – 2 – Ajaytao

Seagull Wings span - 2 - Ajaytao

Seagull Wings span – 2 – Ajaytao

A tinge of orange in a grayish blue sky – Ajaytao

A tinge orange in a grayish blue sky - Ajaytao

A tinge of orange in a grayish blue sky – Ajaytao

melded earth and sky
at distant grey horizon
fall asters bloom


Its Purple – Ajaytao

Its Purple - Ajaytao

Its Purple – Ajaytao

Love is a flower
giving to the gardener
hope after winter

Wilfredo Derequito


Seagull watching – Ajaytao

Seagull watching - Ajaytao

Seagull watching – Ajaytao

Summertime is here
Striped beach balls and umbrellas
I hear the seagulls

Jeanne Fiedler

Twin yellow leaf – Ajaytao

Twin yellow leaf - Ajaytao

Twin yellow leaf – Ajaytao

on green branch

a bird with ruffled feathers

a leaf falls

Francine Roberts

The Taj Mahal Hotel – Mumbai – Ajaytao

The Taj Mahal Hotel - Mumbai - Ajaytao

The Taj Mahal Hotel – Mumbai – Ajaytao

Transparent light – 2 – Ajaytao

Transparent light - 2 - Ajaytao

Transparent light – 2 – Ajaytao

tiny flakes
drift like flower petals
east wind blowing
spring snow

Ann Roske

Puffy Clouds – Ajaytao

Puffy Clouds - Ajaytao

Puffy Clouds – Ajaytao


Clouds fall down upon me
Envelop me in your sweet coldness
The iciness will match my heart
Freeze me to the point where I feel nothing
Numbness is my saviour
I welcome a frostbitten heart and soul
I cannot feel
Therefore I cannot hurt
Clouds suffocate me
Clouds choke me in my bitterness
Clouds please take the pain away


Evening hues – Ajaytao

Evening hues - Ajaytao

Evening hues – Ajaytao

It is a beauteous evening, calm and free
The holy time is quiet as a Nun
Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
Is sinking down in its tranquility
The gentleness of heaven broods o’er the Sea
Listen! the mighty Being is awake,
And doth with his eternal motion make
A sound like thunder—everlastingly

Dear child! dear Girl! that walkest with me here
If thou appear untouched by solemn thought
Thy nature is not therefore less divine
Thou liest in Abraham’s bosom all the year
And worshipp’st at the Temple’s inner shrine
God being with thee when we know it not

William Wordsworth

Greyish yellowish blue sky – Ajaytao

Greyish yellowish blue sky - Ajaytao

Greyish yellowish blue sky – Ajaytao

Wash and whoosh
the sky let loose,

Wm Paul

Copper bronze sunset – Ajaytao

Copper bronze sunset - Ajaytao

Copper bronze sunset – Ajaytao

a sublime sky view
oranges, yellows,
bronze effects
mellow clouds blend in

Carol Brown

Tiny white flowers – Ajaytao

Tiny white flowers - Ajaytao

Tiny white flowers – Ajaytao

Trumpets in the grass
ringing clear tones
brief experience



Pink Hibiscus – Ajaytao

Pink Hibiscus - Ajaytao

Pink Hibiscus – Ajaytao

Hibiscus at the Corner

The sun was hidden while I cried,
I wandered lost, in sight unseen.
When there upon the fence I spied
Hibiscus red, and leaves of green.

With petals wide to kiss my cheek,
The leaves unfurl and beckon so,
Around the corner fence it peeks,
Hibiscus red that warms my soul.

Cindy Lynn


Flamingos feeding on Algae – Ajaytao

Flamingos feeding on Algae - Ajaytao

Flamingos feeding on Algae – Ajaytao

Out across the open lakes I stare,
Transfixed by the colour,
Grace and dignity; relaxed with no cares,
Pink plumes could get no fuller.

A swan sparkling with more class,
The brightness against the barren African plain,
The power of the landscape is hard to pass,
But the ocean of pink alights the darkest of grain.

Simon Clark

Transperant light – Ajaytao

Transperant light - Ajaytao

Transperant light – Ajaytao

As the flower grows,
The honeybee lands atop;
Resting on beauty

Raul Moreno


Foggy morning landscape – Ajaytao

Foggy morning landscape - Ajaytao

Foggy morning landscape – Ajaytao

One Foggy Morning

A dreamy state in morning mist,
As curls of cloud, recline on earth,
The walking feet dare not resist.

The pathway fading just ahead,
Recoiling into the low clouds,
A mystery remains instead.

Wandering feet know their own way,
Whilst striding on without time to pause,
And dwell upon what comes today.

Old footsteps echo on the breeze,
Through dreams of love that time forgot,
Yet still it whispers through the trees

Jemmy Farmer

Takeoff – Ajaytao

Takeoff - Ajaytao

Takeoff – Ajaytao

Ocean mist persists
In the midst of the night’s hour
While seagulls cry


Fishing boats anchored – Ajaytao

Fishing boats anchored - Ajaytao

Fishing boats anchored – Ajaytao

On the sea of joy
I sail my boat of sorrow
with my oars of pain

Daniel Neal

Orange Marigold beauty – Ajaytao

Orange Marigold beauty - Ajaytao

Orange Marigold beauty – Ajaytao

Sweet nectar, ambrosia, for natures gentle ones.

Woven into garlands, yellow with tips of red,
Woven into memories with many a words unsaid.

Love’s hopes of an Indian  bride, clad with marigold,
With dreams wrought ‘n promises, her heart dearly holds.
Tearful farewells to soldiers, who traverse through destiny’s doors.
A garland weaved with love for  those, from across the seven shores.
And when the body is but a thought, as life grays and  olds
Wrapped in a hearse of love, their love, with weeping marigolds.
An offering so humble, yet flowers a Goddess  wears,
Auguring celebrations, with a soul’s heartfelt  prayers.
Orange, yellow, rust..to love, to pray, to mourn,
Golden, sun kissed, blessed.. marigolds that life adorns.

Nishu Mathur, India


Japanese lantern – Japanese Hibiscus – Ajaytao

Japanese lantern - Japanese Hibiscus - Ajaytao

Japanese lantern – Japanese Hibiscus – Ajaytao

Each day you can admire the
moon, the snow and the flowers

Japanese Proverb

Red Amaryllis


Red Amaryllis

Originally posted on Ajaytao 2010:

Red Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis

Amaryllis-One of a Kind

Of all flowering bulbs, amaryllis are the easiest to bring to bloom.  This can be accomplished indoors or out, and over an extended period of time.  The amaryllis originated in South America’s tropical regions and has the botanical name Hippeastrum.  The large flowers and ease with which they can be brought to bloom make amaryllis popular and in demand worldwide.  The amaryllis comes in many beautiful varieties including various shades of red, white, pink, salmon and orange.  There are also many striped and multicolored varieties, usually combining shades of pink or red with white.

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